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About Us explains New Beginning Ranch and the wonderful opportunities it provides while in a sexual addiction recovery environment.

In the comfortable setting of a Montana ranch home, surrounded by the Rocky Mountains, you will have an environment of support and assistance to continue and integrate your sex addiction recovery work begun in inpatient treatment. This is a transition period...the most difficult phase of the change process.

"Here is the reality. The next 90 days will lay the foundation for your whole recovery...to face these issues in a piece by piece manner over an extended period of time has been shown to contribute to relapse...a co-ordinated, intense focus of effort raises the probability of success dramatically" ~ 90 Day Focus, Dr. Pat Carnes

This supportive environment is focused on recovery principles and tasks that have a proven record of success. The texts that are used and given to each client are by Dr. Pat Carnes I.e. Facing The Shadow Workbook, 40 Day and 90 Day Focus, Recovery Zone and Gentle Path Through the 12 Principles. We also have 4 local weekly SAA meetings with strong recovery to support your work.

In addition to this rigorous emotional and intellectual work, our location is perfect to help men re-kindle old or new interests I.e. fly fishing, hiking, bow or rifle hunting, range target shooting, skiing, golf, horseback riding and equine work. Getting outdoors and in touch with nature possibly for the first time or for years is a profound way to re-discover our Higher Power and joy as well as the exhilaration of facing our fears and walking through them.

We have a number of retired Delta Force (Army's most elite unit) officers living in the area. I spoke with several of the men who have volunteered as guides/instructors for hiking, camping, fishing, range shooting and hunting. Many of them participate in various Wounded Warrior projects and love giving back.
We also have two local gyms and several yoga studios.
In addition to the physical activities, there are numerous opportunities to explore our creative energies. The University of Montana is only an hour away and provides many activities and opportunities for study I.e. music, art, painting, poetry and concerts.
All of the activities are critical to fill the void left by our addiction, bringing joy, discipline and excellence into our lives.

This is also an excellent environment for men who have gone to treatment for alcohol and/or drugs, only to slowly realize they have a co-occurring sex addiction. They have a difficult time maintaining chemical sobriety if the sex addiction is not treated...particularly meth and crack cocaine addicts. He became aware of this cycle as he co-facilitated a 5 day Relapse Prevention Workshop for inpatients at the Betty Ford Center's Professional Residency Program for 12 years as part of a private practice with his wife Ann.

There was a meth addict attending one workshop who shared some sex addiction traits in group. He had been to 5 different treatment centers and never been asked about his sexual interaction with drugs...and never had more than 30 days sober. He shared with Tom that his sexual compulsivity always preceeded his chemical relapse. Tom spoke to him and urged him to attend his men's sex addiction group twice per week. The client was very focused and stayed in therapy for 3 years. Today he is sober chemically and sexually for over 9 years.

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