My New Beginning Testimonial

My New Beginning Testimonial is an Audio presentation gathered from former clients that have successfully completed the Program and wanted to share their experience with others.

This Audio Testimonial is from Jon in Washington State - Listen Here

Transcript of Jon's My New Beginning Testimonial

My name is Jon and I live in Wenatchee, Washington. It is with gratitude that I look back on my stay at New Beginning Ranch. A little over two years ago, I had no space in my heart for gratitude. At that time, my life was consumed with addictive sexual behavior. I was living in constant betrayal of family and friends. I had to admit to myself and to God that I was morally corrupt and spiritually bankrupt. Through friends and a fine therapist, I found my way to New Beginning Ranch at Corvallis, Montana, aptly named for that was where I found my new beginning.

I found an atmosphere of caring and personal attention to my recovery objectives. The therapy model brought new understanding to what I had thought to be a hopeless situation. From early morning prayer and meditation through daily group sessions, I found myself discovering insights that have literally changed my life. That feeling of guilt and shame no longer rule my life. I have been able to truly turn my life over to a higher power whom I refer to as God.

Today, I'm able to offer truth, faithfulness, and transparency to others in general, and especially to my wife. For the first time in my life, I have the ability to enter into a truly intimate relationship. I thank God for directing me to Tom Martin and New Beginning Ranch.

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