Our Program

Our Program includes Process Groups, Equine Therapy, Sex Addicts Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous, Gym, Daily 10th Step Review, Morning Meditations & EMDR

  • Process Groups - Six days a week, we gather for our group. It’s more than therapy-it’s an exercise in facing reality. We use what is happening with each individual and the group in order to face our assets and defects, recognize patterns in our feelings and behavior, address issues and conflicts, assess our wounds, reflect on our relationships, and more. All this work happens in the safety of a tight-knit group of men who have come together to recover their lives and discover the freedom of sobriety.
  • Equine Therapy - It is virtually impossible to hide emotional and relational issues when working in close proximity with a horse. As prey animals, horses are incredibly sensitive to our emotional and relational selves, and they mirror back to us the issues that we need to address for sustained recovery. Each week, our clients visit Mastery Horsemanship, led by master horseman Don Jessop, to experience the joy of being around horses, from the most basic horsemanship encounters with safe horses to more advanced horse training and riding. Over the course of an afternoon, our residents groom, saddle, perform groundwork and ride the horses, while being observed and encouraged by Jessop and Tom Martin. Following the ride, residents participate in a brief process group, during which they discover relational patterns that become evident as they work with their horses and explore how these patterns also appear in their relationships with family, peers, spouses and partners.Read more...
  • Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA) - Residents attend three SAA meetings per week: two meetings at the Better Way Group in Missoula, Montana and one on-site meeting at NBR. SAA is an international fellowship of people who seek recovery from sexual addiction by spiritual means. SAA does not require adherence to any particular set of beliefs or practices; the path is wide enough for all who wish to walk it. Attending SAA reminds sex addicts of their problem, and provides them a spiritual solution by working through 12 steps of recovery with a sponsor. Our men are strongly encouraged to get a sponsor and begin working the 12 steps soon after arrival. More information about SAA can be found at saa-recovery.org
  • Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) - There are many meetings of AA in nearby Hamilton, Montana. These are open meetings, meaning that non-alcoholics may also attend. Both chemically-dependent and non-dependent residents find it very helpful to be around the AA fellowship and its emphasis on the 12 steps, and they attend 5 to 6 meetings per week.
  • Gym - A membership to the local gym, Iron Horse Athletic Club, is included in your stay at NBR. The gym offers a variety of weight machines, free weights, cardio machines, and fitness studios. Some residents visit the gym daily, while others go once or twice a week.
  •  Daily 10th Step Review - Four nights a week, the NBR community gathers to review the day. Each man shares, uninterrupted, his successes and failures throughout the day. This meeting allows residents to evaluate their progress in recovery and determine what they are doing well and what they desire to change.
  • Morning Meditations - The men start each morning with a brief meditation which helps them center, set an intention for the day, and connect with their Higher Power. The format for meditation is simple and flexible and involves reading daily reflections and spending about 30 minutes in a meditative state.
  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) - Each client staying a minimum of 60 days is encouraged to attend EMDR therapy with Aleta Sisson, M.A., LCPC. This therapy helps clients our men uncover and resolve traumatic events which have haunted them, often for many years or even decades. The process is designed to replace trauma-induced negative cognitions (self-talk) and replace them with healthy beliefs about self. Our men see her weekly for 1 to 1.5 hours. Please note that EMDR sessions are subject to Aleta’s availability; clients are almost always able to see Aleta within a week of their arrival at NBR.
  • Conquer Series - The Conquer Series is a curriculum series taught by Dr. Ted Roberts, Ph.D, PSAP.  Their official website, conquerseries.com, says “Men are finding freedom by the thousands. Dr. Ted Roberts, host of the Conquer Series, has personally counseled over 10,000 men with a 90% success rate. He's taken his proven Biblically-based process and incorporated it into the Conquer Series. We are now seeing thousands of men finding freedom from porn and remaining free for years!” We watch the DVDs twice per week, and clients are furnished with the accompanying workbooks soon after arrival. Christian and non-Christian clients alike have found tremendous insight and hope from this series.

   Stay sober and have fun!!

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